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Heart Connections Bible Study


Sometimes we just need to hear 


What do we do when it’s not our normal assembly time? 

When the choir isn’t singing, the preacher isn’t preaching, but our heart needs to HEAR TODAY, where do we go?

Abba Father, by His Spirit, has laid on my heart to redesign the format of Heart Connections Bible Study by Phone. As HE impresses a message upon my heart, It will be recorded. 

There will be times that HE instructs me to invite you to join me LIVE! There will be times HE will instruct me to RECORD IT and just announce that the message is there.

You will be able to connect and hear the message whenever your heart desires!

Please continue to lift up the ministry REFINED HEART OUTREACH FELLOWSHIP in prayer and that as 
God's oracle I may be given boldness of speech and clarity of message, while yet being constrained by the truth of God’s Word!


Pre-Recorded Message: Dial 712-770-4169 Access Code 360089#

Live Call-In: 712-770-4160 Access Code 360089#

Watch For Announcements Of Live Sessions 

Or Pre-Recorded Updates!

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