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Dr. Carrie Coulter White


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The word Firebrand has several uses:

From the moment I surrendered my will to God's will and began walking in the ministry to which He called me, I was immersed in the concept of fire...a deep passion and zeal for God and Godliness, and a desire to see that passion igniting in those around me. The definitions given for firebrand perfectly conceptualize the character and vision for the ministry entrusted to me. Exemplifying that fiery zeal for the glory Of God has earned me the nickname "SPARKPLUG".

The purifying fire of God has reconditioned and refined my heart's purpose to reach out in the love of God to the Body of Christ through teaching, preaching, praying for enlightenment, empowerment, encouragement and instruction by The Word Of God for the....

Building Up Of His Kingdom ~ One Heart At A Time!

"...woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel!" 1Cor9:16b